White Balance: White balance is a camera setting that adjusts for lighting in order to make white objects appear white in photos. This is more difficult than it might seem due to the fact that light cast from different sources is different in color (technically called temperature).

Self timer:A self timer is a device on a camera that, when enabled, gives a delay between the pressing of the shutter release and the shutter firing. It is most commonly used to allow photographers to take a photo of themselves, hence the name.

Pixels: are single points in a raster image. The pixel is the smallest addressable screen element, it is the smallest unit of picture which can be controlled.

Auto Focus vs Manual Focus: (explain what they are and then explain when you would choose each and why?)

Autofocus- is a feature of some optical systems that allows them to obtain correct focus on a subject, instead of requiring the operator to adjust focus manually.
Manual focus- is where the operator has to adjust the focus of the lens by hand.