Now that you know more about Documentary Photography you will be working with a small group to complete the Research assignment for this Unit. Please make sure you've read the Documentary Photography page first before you start on the assignment. You will not have the knowledge needed to be a helpful contributor to the rest of the assignment if you don't click the links and read.

Find the Group and Photographers you've been assigned to below. Then click the link marked Voicethread Directions. It will take you to an example of what you will be doing for the assignment.

Group 1: Kaylee Benkowski, Meghan Wersel, Mary Dunne, Austin Aumend
Photographers: Jacob Riis, Gordon Parks and Russell Lee

Group 2: Dayna Costello, Riley Kirchoff, Kate Hartzler, Brenna Jacquette
Photographers: Jack Delano, Lewis Hines, Roy Stryker

Group 3: Miranda Hager, Emily Sparent, Sarah Stotler, Nate Knutson
Photographers: Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, Marion Post Wolcott

Group 4: Abby Swift, Caitlin Klomstad, Nicole Wiesendanger, Abby Wetzel
Photographers: Margaret Bourke-White, Arthur Rothstein, Ben Shahn

Group 5: Amber Wilson, Aimee Violette, Hailey Thomas
Photographers: Esther Bubley, John Vachon, Louise Rosskam

While doing your research as a group take notes of the following and jot down the answers in a Pages document and save for later. Also save jpg images from the Internet into your Digital Photography Folder in a new Folder called Documentary Web Research.

Discuss very briefly who each photographer was/is (brief biography) and especially mention important info that made photography their medium of choice. Make sure the biographic facts you share are pertinent to our understanding of this photographer.
( like I don't want to know that they cut their finger when they were 7 unless it relates to why they're photographers :)

Explain what type of photography work/subject the photographers were known for and how their work informed people of a cause or situation.

How did their photography make a difference?

Explain whether or not they were associated with the WPA or FSA.

Explain when and where they did their photos.

Explain how their work will influence your own.


Once your group has completed their research; both written notes and photo images you will be creating a Voicethread to share with the class. This Voicethread will serve as your presentation to the class. As part of the final rubric you will not only have to create your own Voicethread, but you will need to view each group's from the class and then comment on every group's thread. You can watch my Voicethread here or click here and watch my on the Voicethread site.

After you've viewed the Voicethread and done the reasearch go back to the Moodle and you will find the link for the Documentary Voicethread Rubric. It has more details about the required elements.

Here is more information about setting up your Voicethread and how to use Voicethread. The login information will be in the Moodle Rubric Document


VoiceThread is web 2.0 tool that allows the user to combine images, text, and video to create a multimedia slide show. Once the presentation has been created other users can leave video, audio, and text comments. Pewaukee School District has a VoiceThread account with all students and staff having access via a secure login.

LASTLY: Now that the Voicethread and research is finished you will find the link to the Documentary Photography Assignment on Moodle. You will need to start planning your project and figuring out what to document.