New Masters of Photography: B4 Class

Photography has changed greatly since it's inception back in the early days of glass negative plates and film negatives and darkroom. Today there are many photographers who are using new technologies to really expand the field of photography and what it all encompasses. You should start to develop of sense of who is good and what you like. The list Masters of Photography list attached here will give you a sense of this assignment and where to start when you want to learn about the art of photography.

Look at this list and work to find more information about the photographer you’ve been assigned to. Add a brief one-two sentence description of what the photographer does (in terms of subject or style) and a link to the best website you found about them (can’t be google images). Embed one of their images that you feel is really cool and also shows what they are known for. Make sure you put your name in parentheses at the end of your entry. You will need to click edit to be able to add to the page here. The Editor bar will appear allowing you to add your text, format it and add links and images. If you need help doing this please ask. is a great place to find amazing images, it's a bit harder to find the names of the photographers there, but you might try it.

Make sure you do not save over other people's work. Check and ask before you post to be sure someone else isn't in the middle of posting.

Add to the list: Did you find someone not on the list, but who you think should be? Add them here. Add a brief one sentence description of what the photographer does (in terms of subject or style) and a link to the best website you found about them (can’t be google images).

Taryn Simon (Riley Kirchoff) Taryn Simon is a photographer who captures the secrets and more hidden activities that go on in society.

Jeff Wall

(SARAH STOTLER) Jeff wall's work is influenced by the world of cinema and painting. He has played a key role in asserting photography's role in contemporary art.


Sophie Calle (Miranda Hager)

Sophie Calle is known for human vulnerability and it shows identity of different people. Her work has really interesting effects such as graffiti texts in different pictures and thats a cool way to show a great effect on pictures.


Michael Kenna (Kaylee Benkowski)

Michael Kenna shoots a lot of black and white photographs of the outdoors.


Andreas Gursky (Kate Hartzler)

Andreas Gursky is a German photographer known for his huge photos of architecture and landscape, often in vivid color. He gives his opinion of society and unique view of the world thorough pictures.


Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Katy Grannan (Brenna Jacquette)

Katy Grannan is a photographer who photographs the abnormal people and things that we dont usually look at as beautiful. She photographs some awkward people and puts them in weird scenes. I think Katy perceives them as beautiful.


Laura Letinsky (Nicole Wiesendanger) Laura sets up still lifes with household items that create a unique composition and uses good shape


Vik Muniz (Abby Swift)

Vic Muniz uses his own photographs to create his new pieces of art. He makes readymades, which are compositions stolen from other artists with his own creations. Some of his compositions include the Mona Lisa, Death of Marat, and Venus de Milo


Edward Burtynsky ( Dayna Costello)

Edward Burtynsky really focused on taking photographs of industry of all sorts such as: oil, mines, silicon, and transportation machines taking a toll on nature. He shows the affect of polar opposites in nature, in order to send a universal message through his photographs to the world.

Kennecott Copper Mine No. 22

Dave McKean (Caitlin Klomstad)
Dave McKean likes to take pictures of really peculiar objects. He like to take pictures of people but also abstract weird objects. He likes to edit his pictures so that they look real but are still out there and weird. He takes a variety of pictures.


John Paul Caponigro (Aimee Violette) John Paul Caponigro is one of today's American photographers who chooses to focus on shooting images of nature, and has a great interest in ancient architecture. He very uncommonly photographs people, and rather displays majestic landscapes or beautiful lighting.


Dave Black (Nate Knutson)
Dave Black has a blatant subject, in basically 100% of this photos, sports. All of this photos are are action shots of athletes doing what they do best; from different views, zoomed in, or even naturally distorted

.external image ad-PoleVault.jpg

Moose Peterson (Austin Aumend)--One of the original Nikon shooters to receive the D1 in 1999, Moose embraced this new technology becoming the only wildlife photographer in the world to shoot strictly digital in the early years.


Elliott Erwitt (Hailey Thomas)- liked to have projects to be assigned to shoot around the world.

Laurence Gartel (Emily Sparent)
Considered the Father of digital photography for over 30 years. Born and raised in New York City. Taught Andy Warhol things.


Gregory Crewdson (Mary Dunne)

Gregory Crewdson pushes the limits of nature in order to create outstanding and impossible pictures.crewdson.jpg

Charlie Waite (Abby Wetzel)

Charlie Waite originally started out working in television and theater but recently moved to photography. His most notable work is usually 6x6 inch square format. He grew up in England, which most of his landscape portraits are centered around.

Alec Soth
Martin Parr
Nancy Burson
Laurence Garte//