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New Masters of Photography: A3 Class

Photography has changed greatly since it's inception back in the early days of glass negative plates and film negatives and darkroom. Today there are many photographers who are using new technologies to really expand the field of photography and what it all encompasses. You should start to develop of sense of who is good and what you like. The list Masters of Photography list attached here will give you a sense of this assignment and where to start when you want to learn about the art of photography.

Look at this list and work to find more information about the photographer you’ve been assigned to. Add a brief one-two sentence description of what the photographer does (in terms of subject or style) and a link to the best website you found about them (can’t be google images). Embed one of their images that you feel is really cool and also shows what they are known for. Make sure you put your name in parentheses at the end of your entry. You will need to click edit to be able to add to the page here. The Editor bar will appear allowing you to add your text, format it and add links and images. If you need help doing this please ask. is a great place to find amazing images, it's a bit harder to find the names of the photographers there, but you might try it.

Make sure you do not save over other people's work. Check and ask before you post to be sure someone else isn't in the middle of posting.

Add to the list: Did you find someone not on the list, but who you think should be? Add them here. Add a brief one sentence description of what the photographer does (in terms of subject or style) and a link to the best website you found about them (can’t be google images).

Gregory Crewdson (Dakota Johnston)

Gregory Crewdson is best known for elaborately staged, surreal scenes of American homes and neighborhoods. In this scene of a mother and her son at the dinning room table getting ready to eat, but there is an empty place at the end of the table where the father is supposed to be sitting. Some people can really relate to what is going on in this picture, which i think makes it an interesting picture.

Jeff Wall (Kirstie)

This Jeff Wall photograph is titled "Milk." This photograph is a Silver Dye Bleach Transperancy in a light box. He is described as luminous and epic. He tries to use a bold step forward into the future to make modern artwork. He tries to entertain the audience and show them how he is improving in his career at the same time. (Kirstie)

Amanda Silbar (Kelsey M.)

Amanda Silbar is a local photographer who lives in Menomonee Falls, WI. She's not necessarily well known yet, but she hopes to someday become so. She is really good at taking ordinary shots and making them interesting; she uses photoshop to play with different effects on photos. She photographs everyday items, her models, and herself.
This photograph is called "Rhythm"

Sophie Calle

Is a photographer who tells a story with her work. She likes to make situations that tells the story but becomes a character herself. She takes situation of her own life and puts them in a different setting such as public places. She is also a french writer not just a photographer.


Julie Blackmon ( Benjamin Castro)

Julie Blackmon is known for taking photographs of her young family. In many of her pieces, she has children doing more adult things such as taking family portraits and looking around a library. She uses digital techniques to intensify the color. Julie Blackmon Site


TARYN SIMON (Naomi Sime)
Taryn Simon's most recent work is An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar, and Innocents is her other collection. Her photographs capture the secret and austere areas in the world, like research facilities and hidden government offices; their explanations clear up the questions readers would have at first glance of these photographs.
White Tiger (Kenny), Selective Inbreeding Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and Foundation Eureka Springs, Arkansas In the United States, all living white tigers are the result of selective inbreeding to artificially create the genetic conditions that lead to white fur, ice-blue eyes and a pink nose. Kenny was born to a breeder in Bentonville, Arkansas on February 3, 1999. As a result of inbreeding, Kenny is mentally retarded and has significant physical limitations. Due to his deep-set nose, he has difficulty breathing and closing his jaw, his teeth are severely malformed and he limps from abnormal bone structure in his forearms. The three other tigers in Kenny’s litter are not considered to be quality white tigers as they are yellow coated, cross-eyed, and knock-kneed.

Andreas Gursky

This photographer took pictures of whole areas, not close ups. He tries to capture more of what goes on in an area by bringing all of it to your attention with one single photograph.
Andreas Gursky
(Kelsey Jannsen)

Philip-Lorca diCorcia

This photographer combined documentary photography with fiction. While he would sometimes take pictures of random people, he would also plan and stage his own shots that were meant to be spontaneous moments of a person's everyday life. In his work, diCorcia tried to capture the emotion that reality holds.
Philip -Lorca diCorcia
(Kristine Kammers)

Katy Grannan
Alec Soth (Shelly Bieser)

Alec_Soth_Stairs_Buffalo_NY.jpgAlec Soth is known for taking bright photos of open spaces and common objects. This photo is a stair case in Buffalo NY and even though its not very peaceful Alec Soth makes it look like it is.

Laura Letinsky
Martin Parr
Nancy Burson
Laurence Garte

Edward Burtynsky
This photographer took large-scale color photographs. He usually shot photos of shipwreck yards, rock quarries and industrial refineries. He captures the beauty in things that usually aren't beautiful.

(Katie Landry)

Dave McKean (Ryan Picado)

The picture was taking from Dave McKean the title of it is " The Particle Tarot : Major Arcana" he uses unique style something different takes pictures photographers wouldn't think of doing some of the strangest weirdest stuff but that is what makes him so unique and so creates so much attraction towards him . does everything digital keeps the color.

external image moz-screenshot.pngexternal image moz-screenshot-1.pngCOVER1.jpg

John Paul Caponigro (Jennie Mapes)

John Paul Caponigro works to get people aware of the natural world by taking pictures of it. He also teaches and writes about photography for people can learn how to take pictures as well. This picture shows the sky which is part of the natural world and in my opinion can be one of the most beautiful parts of this world.

Mary Ellen Mark (Julia Alberti)


This picture was taken by Mary Ellen Mark. She has taken many photos of celebrities and most of her photographs are in black and white. She did a nice job with balance with the person on one side of the frame and the steps and building on the other. I really liked how she made the person dark and everything around him a gray or while. It makes the viewer drawn into the photo.

Abelardo Morell (Julia Alberti)

This photograph was taken by Abelardo Morell in 1991. He took most of his photos using Digital photography. This photo fills the frame and you can see everything that is blurred around the glasses are much clearer through the glasses. i liked how the glasses are in focus and everything around them is blurred. It makes you think that everything is clearer through someone else's eyes.


Russel James (Mackenzie Hodgson)

This photography was done by photographer Russel James. He is known world wide for his fashion shots. He's photography is known to be provocative yet gives new and different prespectives of many of the most prominent women of our time. He really understands lighting. James uses landscape as a big part of his pictures to add contrast and color. Normally he works a lot with nature and elements. Although he known for many of his fashion shot he has taken many beautiful photos on his own for his 2001 and 2008 Nomad collection as seen above.