Assignment 3 Texture and Composition B4


Post your best example from the texture series here to illustrate your attempt at each example. Make sure you add your name and an explanation of how you feel your shot illustrates the compositional technique. If you have more than one image you want to share for the technique use Adobe Photoshop to create a strip of your images instead of posting them separately. See the strip of images at the top of this page for an example. Choose a long horizontal image size and 72 dpi. 10 inches by 4 would work well.

Leading Lines-The road and trees just lead your eye down the path.
Rule of Thirds-this picture does look like a real painting.
Level Horizon-The sky line with the small sunset, is vertical in the picture.
Fill the Frame-This picture is filled with one big flower.

Framing-Everything that's surrounding the landscape picture, is a dark cave vision.

Focus/Depth of Field-the distance between the nearest and furthest parts of a subject. it has very interesting spacing.



Rule of Thirds- The picture is divided into three with the light in the middle
Framing- The cats head is framed by the wood stairs
Fill the Frame- The flower fills the whole frame leaving no other space
Level Horizon- The trees behind in the background are the level horizon
Leading Lines- The middle of the leaf draws the eye to the red leaf in the middle
Depth of Field- The dog is in more focus rather than the background which is more of a blur and makes the dog stand out more
--Shelly Bieser


Austin's 6 Composition Banner ^
From Left to Right: Leading Lines--Eyes follow the tree branches. Level Horizon-- Both the snow and the trees in the far background form a horizon. Framing-- The two tree trunks frame the snow and branches in-between. Focusing and Depth-- The camera is focused on the twisty thing and everything in the back is blurry. Fill the Frame-- The mirror fragments fill the entire screen. Rule of Thirds-- If the lines of third were placed on the picture at every intersection there would be a point of interest.


Nicole's Composition Banner

From left to right and top to bottom:
Rule of Thirds: The background, snow and foreground create an asymmetrical rule of thirds.
Framing: The repetition of the square shape radiates out to the edges of the picture creating a frame.
Fill the Frame: There is something in every corner of the picture.
Leading Lines: The big tree branches lead you throughout the smaller branches that then lead you even deeper into the picture.
Level Horizon: The prairie is on a hill, so the meeting of the tree line and the ground creates a skew horizon but is level when glanced at quickly.
Depth of Field: The paint bottle closest to me is the most clear and get more blurry as you move into the background.hiiii.jpg
Abby Swift Composition Banner
From left to right:
Leading Line- the wheat? branch spans from the left to the right side of the image leading your eye into and through the image.
Level Horizon- although it isn't a natural horizon, the table creates a horizon that lets the viewer understand the depth of the image.
Framing- the chair legs frame the image and give it a sense of space.
Depth of field- within the image the water is in focus, and the palletes and sink behind it are not in focus.
Fill the Frame- the locker piece fills up the frame and is zoomed in enough to show that is the important part of the image
Rule of Thirds- the image illustrates the use of the rule of thirds, at each point something interesting is present.

Dayna's Composition Banner
Leading Line: the bricks are perfect example of leadings lines leading all the way down the hallway to give the image interest
Level Horizon: displayed with the leg stool as it is placed on the table is is perfectly on the table creating a level horizon
Framing: The green recycling bin creates a frame around what is inside the bin to create emphasis
Depth of field: the leg stool is the main object focuses and everything is more of a blur to create depth
Fill the Frame: the art rack is perfectly hitting every corner of the picture to fill out the whole space
Rule of Thirds: the nature picture has something in every third of the photo horizontally and vertically

Nathan Knutson Banner


Rule of Thirds: The White of the snow, the pine, and the shadow of the snow on the top right picture, shows good rule of thirds vertically.
Leading Lines: The angle of the branch coming off the tree makes the photo flow with the grain of the tree.
Framing: The black window sill outlines most of the photo creating a "your right here" view.
Fill the frame: the trees come all the way to the ground since the picture is taken at a upward angle.
Level Horizon: The composition in the middle top one with the strong horizontals gives a interest feel of correct coordination.
Depth of Field: The bottle of course is in focus while the background is fuzzy and out of focus intentionally.

Kate Hartzler:
Leading lines: your eyes follow the folds of the fabric.
Rule of thirds: the joints of the trombone meet at/near the points created by the horizontal and vertical lines.
Level horizon: Behind the tree trunk you can see a horizon.
Fill the frame: the cubes expand beyond the edges of the photo.
Depth of field: only the gears are in focus, the background is foggy and blurry.
Framing: the triangular sides of the cage frame the small window and swirly designs within.

Meghan Wersel:

Leading Lines: The drying rack has the different levels of wood that draws your eyes into the rest of the picture.

Rule of Thirds: Each third of the picture with the chairs on the art room table is filled with something interesting.

Level Horizon: The horizon on the picture with the gum and the colored pencil shavings has a level horizon in the picture.

Fill the Frame: In the upper right hand picture is a picture of a paint brush bucket, and it fills the frame because it is a close up of the brushes and it fills the entire frame.

Framing: The picture of me through the glass in the art room is an example of framing because the outline around the window frames me and the rest of the picture.

Focus/Depth of Field: This is the bottom right picture, and the close up of the bottles shows focus, while the entire background is an example of depth of field.

Abby Wetzel
Fill the frame: The patterns that form from the tree branches fill up the whole frame and doesn't leave any black spots.
Leading Lines: The line that forms from the wooden railing goes in a diagonal direction. This creates a feeling of movement and leads your eyes through the picture.
Framing: The trees go up the side of the picture framing it. Yet the branches reaching inwards still lead your eyes into the picture.
Depth of Field: The piece of long grass is closest to the lens so its details show up clearer than the background.
Rule of Thirds: When the picture is divided into three's height and width wise, there is always something to look at in those areas.
Level Horizon: The line that is formed by the table against the window creates a level horizon line.

First to last:

Green Tree: Framing is used in a way such that i feel the leaves on the tree frame the branches.
Dead plant: Depth of Field can be seen from a blurry background and a very in focus leaf.
Hook: Rule of Thirds from the top to bottom. The hook is in the top left thirds of the photo.
Troops: The troops in the photo are marching and the ground is level making it Level Horizon.
Wooden box: Fill the Frame because the image shows less than what the object really is.
Chalk flower: Leading Lines because the lines of the flower lead up to the main part of the flower, or the girl.


Miranda Hager

Rule of Thirds: the trumpet is placed in between the two other objects making it rule of thirds.
Fill the Frame: the top picture fills the frame with all the texturized lines.
Framing: bottom picture: the clock is filling the frame of the picture
Depth of Field: the pole with the chains around it in the main focus and the chains below are blurry.
Level Horizon: the tree is level horizon due to the tree is placed in the snow and the sky is the horizon around it
Leading Lines: lines in the sea shell is leading to the bottom of the shell.

Kaylee Benkowski

Leading Lines: The tree branches show leading lines because they move the viewers eyes throughout the image.
Rule of Thirds: The stairwell and Will image show rule of thirds because at each point there is something of interest.
Level Horizon: The image with me in the hall shows a level horizon because the floor is leveled off.
Fill the Frame: The drying rack in the art room shows fill the frame because it was zoomed in and takes up the whole image.
Framing: Meghan in the window shows framing because the window and the objects around her frame her in the image.
Depth of Field: The bottles show depth of field because they were zoomed in and the bottles are very clear but the background image is very blurry and hard to see.


From left to write, and then top row to bottom row:

Brenna Jacquette
Rule of thirds: The water tower and Mary divide the picture up into three sections horizontally, and vertically.
Fill the Frame: The picture with Will throwing the ball up against the wall really fills the frame well because there is no blank spots in the picture.
Framing: The picture with the beach and the fence with the sign saying "beach closed," fills the frame around the bottom and sides.
Depth of Field: The picture with Makayla and the pig has a depth of field, because the pig is so in focus in comparison to Makayla.
Level Horizon: The four different garbage cans has a good level of horizon.
Leading Lines: The tree has many leading lines, having your eyes run throughout the picture.

Aimee Violette
in order from left to right, higher to lower.
Leading Lines- the pipe coming out of the fire alarm leads your eye back into the picture
Level Horizon- the horizon line beyond the path is level and flat
Rule of Thirds- the trees branches and trunk create areas of interest in the three parts
Depth of Field- the cds towards the front are more in focus than those towards the back
Framing- branches frame the sun and sky peaking out from behind the trees
Fill the Frame- the sculpture of the tree takes up and goes off of the page.