Portrait Photography

Artists like Cindy Sherman, Annie Leibovitz, Imogene Cunningham, Margaret Bourke-White, Diane Arbus, Harry Callahan, Richard Avedon and more have been inspiring people for years with their portraits of people. Everyday people, the artist in costume, famous people and models have all posed as subject and muse for these talented photographers. Use this list as a starting point and complete the following research. Try using flickr too, since a lot of people on there are doing some fantastic portrait work! All of the above images are from there!

Research photographic portraits and add your findings here.
  1. Save 3 examples of outstanding photographic portraits and tell why you think they are good (use your art vocabulary, elements and principles to discuss),
  2. Use Adobe Photoshop to combine your 3 images into one banner bar so you only have to upload one image instead of 3. Make sure the banner is tall enough and wide enough to see the portraits. 3-4 " high by about 8-10 " wide.
  3. Explain what type of lighting (artificial: dramatic, flash, studio fill or natural: available, outside) and
  4. Explain what type of compositional technique (leading lines, rule of thirds, framing, fill the frame, level horizon, focal point and point of view) the artist used to create their portraits.
  5. Make sure you put your name in ( ) by your post.
  6. Make sure that you put the actual image into your post by using the file/image icon and inserting the actual image not a link.

1. I thought this photo was very unique because it shows what the camera sees before it gets flipped back the right way. The use of space and depth of field is very interesting because the portrait (in the lens) is very small but you can still see the actual subject behind it but he’s blurred. It looks like he used studio lighting.
2. This portrait shows a lot of this lady’s personality. She looks happy and a little bashful. Studio lighting was used. The photographer used the rule of thirds fairly well; she isn’t completely on one of the lines but she is off center and close to the right vertical line. There is also somewhat of leading lines and/or framing with her hands. It’s a little more of framing because it makes you look at her face and smile a little more.
3. This photo really caught my eye because it is a portrait but only shows her eyes. She used studio lighting for her self portrait. The point of view is interesting because it is only her eyes. People say that a person’s eyes tell the story the best. Her use of space is also interesting because there is a simple background behind her that is seen almost all around and draws your attention to her because she interrupts the background.
(Kelsey Jannsen)


1.The first image is that of African man not sure if he is American.It shows the man in depth in field it's all focused on him. rather a mysterious feel or a calming feeling he doesn't seem happy or sad neither mad but rather calm that nothing in the world seems to bother him.most likely it seems it is avaliable light cause nothing shining nothing seems out of place and he is filling the frame.
2. The second image is really cool and by the photographer said that it's a black and white photo. rule of thirds apply, also level of horizon. really cool cause he seems to have no shirt if you look closely and the words surrounding him seems like he does have something plus the shadow is firm and clean and the lighting is artificial or dramatic .
3. The third image is looks mysterious since you see the girl and looknig on the expression it looks like she's in a deep pool of her own thoughts or wondering why is ther person taking a picture of her. anyway black and white available light filling the frame and depth of field.
(Ryan Picado)