Post your finished voicethreads here by doing the following:

  1. Then go to your voicethread and click on it.
  2. There will be a menu icon near the upper left corner.
  3. Click this and choose Embed, there will be a box with code in it.
  4. Highlight and copy the code. (command C)Make sure you get all of it.
  5. Then come back to this wiki page and use the editor to add a Widget
  6. Once you click widget choose video
  7. Choose other
  8. Paste the code you copied (command v) and then hit save
  9. Type your Groups name under the widget so we know whose is whose
  10. Save using the editor.

Kasi and Kelsey
Ben Shahn (Kasi)

Arthur Rothstein (Kelsey):

Group 1 ( Ryan.Shelly,Jennie,Naomi):

Kristine Kammers and Mackenzie Hodgson

GROUP 3 Ben, Dakota, Kirstie .

Kelsey mIller katie landry julie alberti